team penson sat on a terrace in the sunshine

Yesterday PENSON ventured out of London to get some fresh air in the form of a boat trip to restore our creative minds (or to forget them, thanks to champagne!) This was a boat trip like no other. We headed down south to the English coast and hopped on a fancy boat in Southampton to spend the day catching up with colleagues and friends – all while sipping champagne and taking in the beautiful surroundings. After the success of last year’s event, we decided to make this years’ event bigger and better. The boat was brand new and we hired a decked terrace at renowned restaurant The Hut in Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight.

Cris pulling faces with devil horns
Colin drinking champagne
Lucy Penson steering a yacht
Lee Penson relaxing on a yacht

/en/studioDid we mention that we also hired a Rib boat? That was the coolest part. It’s a rigid-hulled inflatable boat and is lightweight but high-performance. The boat can reach speeds of 40 knots and upwards, depending on weather conditions. Once you hit a high speed and the waves are rough enough you get thrown into the air as you go over the waves. It was so exhilarating!

We had a great time and it’s all thanks to Marine Events who made sure that we always had a drink in hand! The Hut were also fabulous at keeping us topped up with Rosé and dealing with the craziness that comes with PENSONites on tour! We highly recommend both to anyone wanting a picture perfect day outside of London.

view of a rib on the sea
team penson raising their glasses full of orange juice
team penson all sat on the rib boat

If you aren’t convinced already then here are some images from the day:

team penson chilling on the top deck of a yacht
the isle of wight beach view
team penson sat at The Hut restaurant
view from the rib of the yacht with team penson swimming in the sea
team penson scouting out the horizon