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Perch Light event at MOOOI

By Sarah Bean

MOOOI origami style perch lights in the showroom

If colouring in for adults is the new craze then origami needs to be on your to-do list too. It’s the perfect aid for relaxation. A few weeks ago the PENSON team crafted their own exquisite origami at the launch of the Perch Light at Moooi. PENSONites left feeling re-energised & crafty after just a couple of hours of making the origami birds. See some of the creations below…we urge others to try out origami for the good of all things craft!

The event took place to celebrate Umut Yamac’s newly launched Perch Light which features beautifully crafted origami inspired birds that emanate a soft glow. They are placed on a branch, suspended from a chandelier or added singularly to a wall. They literally give the effect that they have just landed & perched. The design is inspired by the elements of the natural world and Umut has combined themes of balance & movement into the six lamps that captivate the viewer through motion.