Popular Misconceptions about Interior Designers

By Sarah Bean

group of penson designers

Every time I introduce myself to someone from a different walk of life saying I work with a team of interior designers I often get this “okay not bad” nod. In these scenarios I always expect the talk of home makeover shows, slick periodical spreads, IKEA and discounts on Assisting interior designers while not being a designer myself allowed me to see that interior design is much more than what a lot of us typically think of it . There are a few misconceptions among general public as to what an interior designer actually does, or why it’s worth to hire one. Today I’ll attempt to raise the curtain and bust 3 popular myths about this profession.

We play with fabric samples all day:


It’s true that interior designers are concerned with aesthetics: they often have to chose appropriate colours, fabrics, finishes and furniture. However, the main goal for them is to crate spaces that are not only beautiful, but functional and safe. Interior design includes many technical aspects such as knowing ins and outs of building codes, regulations, health and safety issues,  just to name a few. You can be sure that any accredited designer has learned a lot more than the opposing colours on a colour wheel while they were at uni for at least four years!

Our homes are magazine cover ready:


A lot of interior designers tend to have gorgeous homes as they know how to make the best out of even the smallest space. While this is true, quite a few have very ordinary homes in all its glory with a wobbly dinning chair and a failed electric switch in the hallway. Now it doesn’t mean they’re indifferent about how their home looks like or that they’re lazy – quite the opposite. They are so busy managing their time between being on site, attending meetings, preparing technical drawings, ordering samples and running errands that finding the right cushion for the home gets pushed aside from their priority list.

Working with interior designer is expensive:


There’s a general misconception that interior designers only want really expensive items you cannot afford. While some particular project may require lavish swanky furniture to achieve desired look, the real truth is that interior designers work with client’s actual budget not their fantasy budget. Of course, we have access to bespoke furniture, but in 9 out of 10 cases designers have to work with a limited budget which requires them to find out how to get the “feel” of really expensive fabric or furniture at a fraction of the cost.  Also, working with an interior designer could save you thousands of pounds of costly mistakes that you might make because you are not a design professional (we are speaking mis-measured windows, doors, etc.).

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