#TBT to our GOSH DRIVE project

By Sarah Bean

SIZE: 6,000 SQ. FT.

seating area with cinema-style screen featuring GOSH DRIVE logo

A year since it's completion, we're taking another look at our project for Great Ormond StreetGOSH DRIVE (Digital Research, Informatics and Virtual Environments).


We collaborated with GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital) and UCL to deliver a healthcare lab space dedicated to accelerated research and evaluation of new AI-enabled technology. It’s the first lab of its kind to research the technology that will directly streamline treatment.


We worked alongside GOSH with leading industry experts in technology, artificial intelligence and digital innovation to develop a centre bursting with the latest innovations in tech. Not only do the robotics developed here help to speed up recovery time for patients but the centre pioneers the newest treatments and cures for the sickest children.


Over the last year it's already become a game-changer for healthcare.

Bright orange GOSH reception with two coral coloured easy chairs
iconGOSH Reception | © PENSON

We created GOSH DRIVE to be quite literally out of this world – entering the space is like walking on another planet. The totally pink colouration and ombré paint choices are like a huge welcoming embrace and indicate GOSH’s unique work, spirit and personality. It's a complete departure from the typical sterile research labs of the past.


The space is heavily based around open-plan collaboration and it offers GOSH’s research team permanent and agile working in a multi-functional environment. Circular desking and the advanced tech-based equipment speed up research and communication between the temporary and permanent staff using the space making everything run seamlessly.

Entirely pink coloured GOSH DRIVE main workspace area with circular desking, chairs & floor to ceiling screens.
iconGOSH Flexible Digital workspace | © PENSON

A cinematic area offers an event-based experience while an integrated tech wall seamlessly displays content that delivers results for the teams. Different light settings enhance the space day and night so key events are atmospherically presented, especially when the dynamic space is used to cater for up to 100 people.


We originally came up with the idea of ‘hospitality in hospitals’ – comfort in unlikely places – and this fuelled the whole design story. The space is instantly welcoming, easy to navigate and use, and above all else comfortable. With soft pinks and warm colours, cosy sofas and an open plan kitchen, there is no clinical white in sight.


We're proud to say this is the future of research centres for years to come. It’s somewhere the experts are calling home.

A modern workspace with grey lockers, grey high table and pink ceiling
iconGOSH Cafe Workspace | © PENSON
A modern workspace with a coral coloured sofa and a Pink ceiling
iconGOSH Lounge | © PENSON
Capsule-style purple door with transparent viewing port hole with pink and purple frosted film
iconGOSH Capsule Door | © PENSON
The entirely purple boardroom with capsule 'galactic' window out to the rest of the office
iconGOSH Capsule Boardroom | © PENSON

The centre featured in a government report on AI in 2018 as "as a good example of both a concept and a physical space dedicated to accelerating research and evaluation of new AI-enabled technology and data analysis dedicated to improving child health." - Professor Neil Sebire, Chief Research Information Officer for DRIVE.


You can view this project on our website here.