canal in milan at twilight

Last week some of the PENSON team headed to Milan along with our friends from Task and Day2. We discovered the process of ergonomic chair and sofa manufacturing at ICF and Marelli factories, in what better place than Europe’s design capital, Milan. A new city is always a great way to get out there and soak up all the design inspiration you can, and Milan never disappoints.


While PENSON visit different factories across the year, this scout got the team thinking about the process of furniture manufacturing, but also about how factories actually create the ergonomic element.


The actual making and production process at ICF and Marelli are all about their people power and a labour of love for the craft. While we were lucky to learn about the key to ergonomic design, the process is top secret to everyone else! The trip made us realise just how much goes into the manufacturing process and why lead times vary so much within the industry. Everything was made in-house and to an established design process that has passed through generations.


Here are some images from the factories and gorgeous shots from the streets of Milan to encourage you to hop straight on a plane before Christmas…