The Dean Street Express NHS Clinic PENSON

By Sarah Bean

ipad registration against white patterned walls and red ceilings

Known for its famous nightlife and hard partying inhabitants, London’s Soho is one of the most well known places in the city – and it has a new addition. Nestled between the chic coffee shops and plush hotels of Dean Street is PENSON’s latest finished project: the Dean Street Express.


A walk-in self service sexual health clinic with a design inspired by the aesthetics and themes of the local area, Dean Street Express is just a stone’s throw away from its sister clinic 56 Dean Street, where the brand colours of bright orange and crisp white originated from.

stairs down to the waiting room area with red and black chairs
iconNHS Dean St. | PENSON
red neon arrow sign pointing down to the waiting room and pendant lighting
iconNHS Dean St. | PENSON
NHS Dean Street reception area
iconNHS Dean St. | PENSON

With an iPad registration system for new and old patients alike the entire testing process has been automated, which fast tracks everything from how long it takes you to get into a screening room to how long it takes to get your results – welcome to the future of safe sex!


The process remains automated even after patients have gone through to the screening rooms, with a pneumatic vacuum system which shoots completed samples through tubes in the ceiling and pops them out in the testing laboratory.

Even the lab is one a of a kind, where the scientists can be watched from the reception through a large window and where the world’s first on-site Infinity machine has been put into action to enable all results to be received within six hours.


The four screening rooms each have a different design inspired by the various unique shop fronts, store décor and neon signage in the area – the reception even has its very own bit of neon, which is a necessity if you want to be counted as an official member of Soho.

red dressed flamenco dancing couple
iconNHS Dean St. | PENSON
Waiting room area with polka dot walls and red furniture
iconNHS Dean St. | PENSON

At the bottom of the winding fluid staircase the waiting room is made up of space-saving cinema seats and the adjoining consultant rooms are decorated with vintage movie posters, paying homage to the theatrical history that runs through Soho’s veins.


With bright orange bouncing off the mirrored walls, black and white patterns covering the ceiling, and artwork of hundreds of images of Soho taken by one of the clinic employees, this project has ended up looking as little like a hospital as possible.

Bright Green Screening Room
iconNHS Dean St. | PENSON
Bright Blue Screening Room
iconNHS Dean St. | PENSON

Comfortable, luxurious and bright areas replace cold, clinical and claustrophobic spaces, with the added freedom to feel as relaxed as possible. In fact, if you were to ask somebody to guess whether this space is an NHS clinic or a nightclub from the year 3000, I’m almost certain 100% of them would choose the latter.


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