You’ve started wearing your thick pyjamas with long sleeves.

You go to work in the pitch black, you come home in the pitch black.

Every borough has a Christmas market; and 10 degrees is considered a heat wave ….  It’s official – Wintertime is here.

I greet December with mixed emotions: firstly sad about how horrible and grey it is outside with the frustration of days getting shorter but then second excitement for knowing there is no better reason than to snuggle up inside on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and a great book!

A lot of people say they can’t live without their kindle but it is not the same as physically owning the book. Even if you own a kindle it is hard to avoid collecting a number of different books; whether its a new book you received as a gift with crisp clean pages, or a discovery of a first addition at a local book fair, or that old loved book battered from being read so many times found at a car boot sale. Before you know it piles of books are scattered around the house and everytime you try to find something it feels like a treasure hunt.

When it comes to reading, one thing all keen readers can relate to is the struggle of finding storage space for their books. To mark the season of long evenings and reading, this week we are looking into ways of organising our libraries.


Mix up wood and steel for industrial look


Make sure the furniture in your library is nice and comfy


Fruit cages in modern interior


Mailroom like organiser as a funky and compact shelf unit


Circular metal book storage


Book shelfs can act as partitions to divide spaces

Use the space underneath the staircase

Use the space underneath the staircase