The Best Uses Of The Stag Head Trend

By Rosie Furlong

white stag head with pale blue stars

Here at PENSON HQ one of the first sights you’re greeted by upon arrival (other than our extensive collection of awards of course) is the giant moose head that lives on our entrance wall. Animals are in fashion, whether it’s pugs on Instagram, cats on Tumblr, or foxes on t-shirts, we’re all obsessed with cute critters. As a result of this rise in animal interest, one of the biggest trends in design at the moment is animal heads adorning the walls, and today we are going to take a look at some of the best uses of the trend, focussing on a classic: the stag head.

moose head and penson logo
iconMoose Head | PENSON HQ
black stag head on a white wall
stag head print wall paper
white stag head with bright coloured birds in the antlers on a blue wall
wooden stag head silhouette clock on a white wall
stag head bottle toppers and glass decorations
stag head wine ice bucket
black and white a4 stag print in a black frame on a white wall
stag head made out of led lights on a black wall
stag head made out of led lights