PENSON's Pick | Colour makes all the difference

By Sarah Bean

What makes us feel good? COLOUR. In this lockdown, we choose colour and lots of it! Make your home office design colourful, if you do nothing else. This is such a simple home office design idea to add a boost to your day.

This is not surprising actually. Colour is something so simple but they directly affect our mood, confidence and sense of happiness. PENSON's projects use the benefits of colour to boost wellbeing in workplace design. Everything that colour promotes is what our ethos is about.


We can all agree it's nice to be around some bright colour, so, we're looking back at our most colourful projects from our archives.


First up is the image above of the restaurant/bar/open stage area at our project, JO&JOE Gentilly. The colour comes from the eclectic interiors and sets the mood, but it's there to reflect and embody the guests' lives and style.

The yellow meeting room at UKTV's offices is simply called 'the yellow room'. Even the spines of the books were chosen to stand out:

Expedia's London HQ uses different destinations for meeting rooms to give staff a welcome oasis from the grey London outside. The focus here was on the key lighting pieces:

A bright welcome for the makers of Candy Crush; King:

The collaboration area at Sports Direct International's (Fraser Group) London HQ uses bright artwork as it's backdrop:

The reception at GOSH DRIVE is like stepping out on to another planet. That's the brief we gave ourselves anyway:

We like to think we brought life and soul into SEI Investment's London HQ with its eye-catching orange staircase:

The reception at Rocnation's London HQ performs as a space that can be used by anyone on site:

Lightsource's London offices adds pops of colour while guests wait:

We added a simple red slick in the kitchen for coworking space CoWork:

We sourced vintage inspired-wares & trinkets for the famous 70s yellow 'Del Boy’s living room' at YouTube's London HQ:

Virgin's VHQ needed to join all floors of the HQ, so we stuck a bright red staircase straight through the middle of the building (with Virgin's on-brand red colour, of course):

If you need more inspiration then check out all our projects here.