Clerkenwell Design Week | Newbie Tips

By Rosie Furlong

pair of feet stood in front of the Clerkenwell design week poster on the floor

This year was my first time at Clerkenwell Design Week and to be honest with you I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I am quite new to this field and have never been a part of an industry event of this scale. Clerkenwell is one of the most historic, creative and culturally rich districts with the highest concentration of showrooms, design and architect practices in London. Every May it transforms into this energetic hub for design professionals and enthusiasts and I was hyped to be a part of it too! By no means I call myself an expert, but after two afternoons spent wandering around showrooms and exhibitions I feel there are a few tips I’d like to share with you. So if you’re heading to Clerkenwell Desing Week next year (or any industry event for that matter) here are some survival tips for you!

1. Wear comfortable shoes:


This is crucial! Don’t fall for the fashionable new cute flats you never tried on or these elegant brogues that give you blisters. It just doesn’t cut it. There’s a lot of walking involved so go for cool trainers and thank yourself later.

2. Charge your camera:


This one is quite obvious. You don’t want to be walking with loads of promo material or millions of business cards in your purse – photograph all of it instead and avoid unnecessary clutter at the end of the day. Not to mention that you may want to take a cheeky selfie at some point!

3. Plan your route:


Decide what interests you the most and always have a map handy. Also, you just have to accept the fact that you’ll miss a lot of stuff – make peace with it, plan your path and stick with it. Don’t follow event hashtag on instagram obsessively and dwell – OMG I miss that?? Where is that?! Go easy on yourself and enjoy.

4. Drinks and nibbles:


Always say yes to canapés and free prosecco.