Did you see us last night on The Apprentice?

By Rosie Furlong

the apprentice lord sugar and co. stood in a meeting room

The 2014 BBC The Apprentice will be remembered for Lord Sugar removing the ‘deadwood’ and without doubt no one will forget when he fired three candidates in one episode. Last night Lord Sugar’s task was to set up an online channel, which will go viral and gain millions of hits. As this was an internet video challenge where better to get inspiration than the Google and YouTube HQ!! The very office PENSON (that’s us!!) designed! We were so excited to see our rooms shown and even if I do say so myself I thought they looked wicked!!

Google HQ Meeting room with textured walls and floral wallpaper
iconGoogle HQ | PENSON

While we watched the programme we were all pointing out what we had designed, where we had placed the cushions, checking out the lights, even spotting the sheep in the beautiful floral Granny Floor, can you spot him in the BBC clip?

sheep and tiered seating at Google HQ
iconGoogle HQ | PENSON

We started working on the Google and YouTube HQ in August 2011 and saw it come to life by August 2012. It was such a fun project to work on and we were so please to see it appear on The Apprentice!

Youtube HQ Open Plan work space with breakout seating and stud board walls
iconYouTube HQ | PENSON