Give your office a facelift

By Sarah Bean

bright prints on a white wall in a studio

PENSONites are advocates for intelligent design, so creating fun and functional spaces without breaking a bank is something we feel very strongly about. If you are serious about giving your office a facelift, but don’t have enough time or means for a full-on makeover, here are some tips that will help to revamp any space without tightening the purse strings.

Minimise & Organise:


Once you’ve got the basics covered, go through your existing papers and supplies and  critically ask yourself “Does this help me do a better job? Do I really need this?”. Toss all broken paper clips, old bank statements (if you’re just one of those people that always collects – scan it and file it away on your computer) and that oddly shaped stress ball you never used. Eliminating clutter makes even the tiniest spaces larger and more stylish.


If you feel ambitious enough, take it one step further by getting yourself a pencil and drawing a floor plan of your office, making sure to include doorways, windows and power outlets. Cut out shapes of all furniture and electronics and begin to move them around on your floor plan until you are happy with the configuration. Recycle any outdated equipment and furniture: Fax machine? Software packages from 1998? Old issues of your favourite industry magazine? Ebay it or toss it – do whatever it takes. Make reducing printing and storage a priority and thank yourself later.

Geek up:


So now as you successfully eliminated all clutter, it’s time to geek up and see how you can incorporate technology into your office. Start off with contemporary office 101s such as Sonos and effective meeting room management system (we can recommend Evoko) and gradually progress to things specific to your industry. Also, make sure you’re up to date by subscribing to relevant industry magazines and perhaps consider getting some ipads for zines and all those indie titles you can only find on

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google play tv screen set in to the wall
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The game of office design has been drastically changing. Dull corporate offices with pesky cubicles are no longer relevant and do not reflect dynamic nature of modern ways of working. Offices have become an extension of a brand these days, so it’s important to make sure they’re both functional and fun. Figure out what your brand stands for, find out what your colleagues are into and try to find accessories to echo that.


Have you noticed that four of you enjoy playing guitar? Chip in and get one for your office.


Have your colleagues been talking about new movies a lot lately? Perhaps it’s worth getting a projector and get thinking about a movie club taking a formation?


Do you find your mates coming up with great ideas on the go? Don’t let ideas be forgotten and pin a whiteboard on your wall.


Are you into comics? Get some art work and put it on a wall next to your desk.


Opportunities are endless, but keep your cool and remember that there’s a fine line between charming and messy.

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