Lee Penson to speak at the VI: Insights online event

Our Founder & CEO Lee Penson will be speaking at The Virtual Interiors Insights Event this Friday 24th September @ 3pm alongside PENSON Creative Directors Lan Yang & Asta Bijeike on how to make the workplace a placemaker.


The session explores the value the workplace has that isn't directly relevant to work & why a workplace can really transform your business & culture.

PENSON have never called it 'just an office' & we've been working with our clients to help transform their spaces into somewhere staff can develop thriving long-lasting careers & relationships.


The session will also reveal how PENSON’s Interior Design & Architecture is busting the everyday 9-5 & reinvigorating people’s lives with the unexpected.

Catch it live online for free on 24th September @ 3pm ~ sign up here.




A week long event showcasing the industry's best thought leadership, the September edition of virtual commercial interiors event VI:Insights sees leading firms offer valuable thought leadership targeted to an interiors audience. 


Owing to its online programme, VI:Insights provides sessions and CPDs to international audiences in a digital format that complements working from home. The event is free to attend.


VI:Insights is also hosting a second event in December as well as The Virtual Interiors Event in February 2022.