PENSON announce Lotte World Tower complete!

By Sarah Bean

lotte world tower at sunrise

PENSON announce the completion of their highly anticipated project for Lotte World Tower, Seoul, Korea. The fifth tallest building in the world enrolled global designers PENSON to bring 23 floors of the iconic structure to life after they delivered the perfect design proposal in less than 4 weeks. PENSON’s disruptive designs form the pivotal commercial success of the tower – with a new showroom, luxury lounges and bars & offices – creating a visionary space with world-class cultural experiences.

Lotte world tower reception
seating area with cream sofas and wooden side boards

PENSON’s 23 floors are at the cutting edge of international design. The ethereal, bright, natural & airy spaces are the key to its commercial success. By adding a new branded showroom to reveal the sleek & glossy model of Lotte World Tower, PENSON have enhanced the commercial future of the tower by implementing representative intelligent and efficient interiors of the entire 123 floors. Offsetting the interiors against the backdrop of the model tower is an impressive & appealing branded visual message to all who enter. Not only does this cement the visionary interiors in cutting-edge design of the future but it increases footfall within the showroom area to prospective clients.

PENSON brought the right global approach to Lotte World Tower by blending iconic Asian elements with contemporary inter-connected spaces, creating a modern timeless design. Lotte stressed the importance of merging fast-paced international dynamics with Eastern living. They wanted the design of The World Tower to allow Western and Eastern cultures to combine whilst retaining their authentic features. The entire 23 floor levels boast a homage to traditional Asian elemental design, with gold accents, green planting, warmer undertones and tonal wood contrasting cement white faceted walls and European influenced furniture. The relaxed feel & quietly stunning design is a spectacular entrance to the most iconic skyscraper. The dynamic open plan lounge areas are the perfect answer to the diversity of Lotte’s clients – facilitating the integration of ideas and influencing successful outcomes – all set in a pure environment with incredible views across Seoul.

desk with traditional korean objects on it
office room with brown leather sofa and armchairs

With the world’s tallest glass observatory, the world’s highest swimming pool placed within a building, a seven star luxury hotel, new workplace models, luxury residences & retail to die for, this project is something PENSON is very proud to have been entrusted with. An environment where increased progression, commercial success & international designs come together for a stellar combination is something PENSON is famous for.