lotte world tower at sunrise

Lotte World Tower

The World’s 5th tallest tower

Seoul, South Korea
Interior Design, Workplace
Real Estate
5,439,000 SQ. FT.
penson visual of communal area with sunken seating area

With the world’s tallest glass observatory, the world’s highest swimming pool within a building, a 7-star luxury hotel, new workplace models, luxury residences and retail to die for, this project is something PENSON is very proud to have been entrusted with.

Business Lounge in a white atrium space with white & cream furniture and wooden detailing
iconBusiness Lounge

Reaching new heights

3rd tallest observation deck in the world

white reception area with 4 white hard hats lined up in a row and the lotte world tower illuminated sign on the wall

We brought a fresh European approach to Lotte World Tower’s interior design by blending iconic Asian elements with contemporary inter-connected spaces, creating a modern timeless design.

The ethereal, bright, natural & airy spaces are the key to the tower’s commercial success. By adding a new branded showroom to reveal the sleek & glossy model of Lotte World Tower, we’ve enhanced the future of the tower by implementing a commercial interior design that ensures our intelligent spaces are relevant for years to come. We delivered the perfect design proposal in less than 4 weeks and were told that our fresh European approach and ability to deliver on time was exactly what Lotte were after.

'PENSON encouraged Lotte to break with Korean convention.'

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