PENSON Assigned as Global Designers by Candy Crush Creators; King

By Rosie Furlong

phone laying on it's side with candy crush on the screen, in front of an orange wall with the king logo

They might have just trademarked the word “candy” and announced that their top app Candy Crush Saga makes more than $850,000 a day, but those aren’t the only exciting developments going on over at the offices of games firm giants King. They’re re-doing their HQ in both London and Berlin and have appointed PENSON as global interior designers and architects on a global rollout contract.


If you have any sort of device that is compatible with the Candy Crush Saga app then you’re probably either currently in the throws of addiction like our designer Lan, or in recovery like me and thousands of others in need of CC rehab around the world, but either way you won’t be surprised that the creators of the game are going from strength to strength after the huge success of the app.

It’s time for them to update their headquarters to really show off their brand and to reflect their success, and PENSON are thrilled to have been asked to make that happen against strong global competition. The fast track design process is well underway and, although we don’t want to give too much away, we do want to prepare you for what’s to come, and let’s just say when it comes to innovative design and thinking outside the box, we might have just met our perfect pairing in King – and the need for regular trips to Berlin isn’t awful either.

Watch this space for a HQ fit for Candy Land.