PENSON | Report on the Return to the Workplace for Large & SME Businesses

People working on a range of table seating with loud and bright artwork on a dark ceiling. People use a deli bar (Academy kitchen) in the background as well as a TV screen showing Fox news.

PENSON feature in two Insight Reports commissioned by Raconteur that look at the return to the workplace for both large businesses and SMEs. The reports provide answers to new workplace strategies and discusses what is needed for a successful, collaborative, well-balanced and safe return to the office. 


Read the Return to the Workplace Report for Large Businesses here.


Read the Return to the Workplace Report for SMEs here.



PENSON's CEO Lee offers insights on the tools and processes for businesses navigating the preparation to return to the workplace, due to the impact of COVID-19:

"This is an opportunity to reset our work/life balance and incorporate different ways of working - something PENSON has been going on about since our founding in 2004. One of the positive things to come out of the pandemic is that the whole nine-to-five routine has been smashed to bits,” says Lee.


"The importance of Creative Spaces in offices is not to be underestimated, and now more than ever, with the rise of videoconferencing and home working, employers need to cater for different personality types too. Hybridity is obviously key here and hybrid working will be set to stay."


"No matter the size of your business, it's clear the office is vital for communication and collaboration. It’s a place where everyone has always, and will always, come together, make connections, strike deals and become firm friends. After all - good relationships with colleagues boost quality of work being done."



You can catch Lee speaking more on this topic in a virtual round table event on The Future of Workplace Design, here.

Image above - hybrid workspace & restaurant at Sports Direct London Offices by PENSON.