hitachi bullet train

Global design leaders PENSON prove once again that their global design ethos is a winning formula. Won via an international design competition, PENSON were selected to deliver Hitachi’s new Global Centre for Social Innovation in London. In the words of Hitachi, ‘Inspire the Next’, is the message in PENSON’s creation of a HQ brimming with the mod cons of the future for a company of tomorrow.

At the heart of the idea, human interaction with technology needed to transcend every aspect of the space. PENSON has blended the two elements to reveal a very inter-connected space, aiding communication with the wider community who enter the HQ. As part of this collaboration, PENSON added Welcome & Collaboration zones to present an approachable space when you enter the HQ. Discussions flow easily in the Co-creation area – a new addition developing the social side of innovation. Meetings seamlessly run without interruptions thanks to the digital booking tablet that checks whether they’re free to use.

The pared down feel to the meeting areas in no way loses design points – the simplicity of the design here makes it a breathable, light and more open space. It’s pure, functional, collaborative, clean cut & everything blends expertly together for a chilled and laid back take on a space built for a fast-paced company. Open spaces are a plenty, helping to declutter busy minds. One of a kind Hotcakes desks free up movement and add flexibility – the circular desk seating up to twenty-five percent more people. All this aides the tech giants’ brand image to reveal unforeseen efficiencies, layers of functionality, and a sociable atmosphere.

PENSON have created a HQ as cutting edge as the company it houses. A technologically demanding yet creative space blends together for innovators and expert thinkers alike. PENSON have elevated the Hitachi HQ to a sleek level that oozes high performance capabilities. The space is uncluttered and creates free flowing movement. A backdrop of the London skyline is perfectly framed by the large windows, flooding the area with light.


The 9,500 sq ft Holborn HQ is surrounded by all the major London museums, further cementing Hitachi’s place in knowledge, development, heritage and culture. PENSON have developed a sanctuary of innovative space for a company that prides itself on being one step ahead.