orange steel bespoke staircase

Open minds and open workspaces: trusted financial services company SEI (NASDAQL SEIC) is letting us into their highly anticipated new UK HQ in London, solely designed by global workspace design disrupters PENSON.


Located in a major new creative workspace The Alphabeta Building in Finsbury Square and nestled among 10 other offices, this new HQ definitely stands out from the crowd. PENSON made sure to deliver a world-class design experience and exciting interchange between creativity, connectivity, and commerce.


Spread over three floors this 6320 sq. m office speaks a consistent visual language inspired by the purity, slickness, and edginess of London’s art galleries. Natural materials such as upcycled timber juxtapose bold red steel and colourful walls creating a powerful first impression. The office is divided into individual hubs with meeting rooms, chill-out zones, kitchenettes and pods providing a healthy balance between open and private spaces.

blue kitchen tea point area
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yellow corridor with black arrow signage
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meeting room booth with artwork and two white armchairs
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The arrival experience at SEI is very unique. The reception area is defined by a bespoke steel staircase and sculptural front-desk both designed by PENSON. It also features a spaceship-looking sculpture  by Brooklyn-based artist Jason Rogenes, who experiments with a lightweight material of polystyrene and produces futuristic electrical towers lit from within, casting a ghostly glow up and down the piece.

The new SEI UK base is an environment where socialisation, progression, modern adaptability and the appreciation of art come together. The new HQ  is set to house part of the West Collection, an international, emerging contemporary art collection owned by Alfred P. West, Jr., Chairman and CEO of SEI, and curated by his daughter, Paige West.

meeting room
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neon green wall and black arrow signage
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The works include sculpture, installations drawing, painting, and photography, many of which reflect  an environmental statement or concern about our world. The idea was to display pieces that push the envelope,inspire conversation and spark innovation.


We strongly believe that while people may have their differences, the one thing that unites us all  is love for outdoor terraces. To give people an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the office, PENSON has designed an impressive 8th-floor terrace overlooking Finsbury Square, which oozes monumental luxury and typically British grace.


PENSON has tackled an ambitious brief: SEI is a company that rewards experimentation and challenging the status quo. They needed a space to reflect their ethos and provide a perfect backdrop for an eclectic collection of art. Our answer was a punchy, flexible, efficient and well-organised space that portrays SEI’s confidence, creative spirit and continuous effort to be one step ahead.


Head to the project page on our website for more photos.

orange steel staircase and hanging chandelier
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orange steel staircase and artwork
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