Get Your Hands Dirty In London's Best Workshop Studios

By Sarah Bean

people at a workbenches making terrariums

If you’re anything like us, you'll be full to the brim with DIY Ideas for people who always have a project on the go. We love challenging ourselves and learning more about disciplines & techniques we know little of. Experimenting with new materials and tools is a lot of fun, however, unless you’re an experienced maker who already has a private studio, you will have to find a space with easily accessible equipment and tools. We’re problem solvers so we did a little bit of digging and put together a list of fully equipped studio spaces where you can let your creative juices flowing without going flat broke. So pull out your little black book, because here are London’s 5 best workshop studios that you need to take note of.

man stood at a workbench with tools pinned up on the walls
iconBlackhorse Studios, Walthamstow

Blackhorse Studios, Walthamstow:


It’s a fully equipped open access wood and metal workshop located in Walthamstow. It welcomes people from all backgrounds and skill levels and offers everything you can think of: from workshop space and power tools to professionals who are ready to give you a piece of advice if you get stuck. They will also be launching a new space called Blackhorse Lane Ateliers which will cater for people interested in garment making.

£15 workshop booking fee for a day or two
£175 monthly membership

London Print Studio, North Kensington:

It’s an independent open access not-for-profit artists studio, publisher and gallery space in West London. There’s a solid collection of printmaking equipment as well as access to large format printing. Fancy geeking out and learning more about letterpress or screen printing?

£26.6 membership fee
£15.6 induction fee

people stood at individual workstations
iconLondon Sculpture Workshop, Southwark

London Sculpture Workshop, Southwark:


London’s first open access sculpture workshop for artists, makers and enthusiasts interested in making work in 3D. It provides equipment for wood and metal work as well as mould making and sculpture.

£25 annual membership
£26 for a 3.5-hour slots

Machines Room, Hackney:


“For makers, hackers, artists, designers and anyone who just wants the space and tools to do things”. It does what it says on the can: you will have access to wood and electronics workstations and be able to book individual machines such as heat press, £3 printer of embroidery machine.

£15 workshop booking fee for a day
£20 equipment booking fee for two hours

Brightly coloured work areas with individual desking
iconMachines Room, Hackney