The Best Humble Celebrity Homes

By Rosie Furlong

fancy house at twilight with lit up gardens and swimming pool

In the year 2000 MTV answered all of our prayers when they aired the first ever episode of Cribs and allowed us to sneak a peek behind the front doors of our favourite celebrities in a way unlike any other for the first time in history. Through the years we’ve seen beds made from Ferraris, private basement cinemas, and entire islands housing just a single human being (somehow that’s allowed) – but are there any celebrities who don’t lose their heads once they gain a little money and are still managing to keep it real with their living arrangements? Here you can find some of the homes of people with huge fan-bases and even huger bank balances who have managed to resist the urge to splash the cash on a monstrous eighteen bed mansion for their four person family. God bless them.

Non-garish, subtle, humble, classy, and a delight to have in your neighbourhood – a lot of people could learn a little something from these celebrities and where they choose to lay their hat. Isn’t that right, Will Smith?