The Tube: We're All On It

By Rosie Furlong

three people sat on the tube looking hot and flustered

Every week we have a number of suppliers come into our office from various companies to show us a selection of their products and help to keep our creative juices flowing by introducing new materials, patterns and possibilities as often as possible. Every visit is different, and the variety of products we see on a weekly basis is massive, but one thing that does remain consistent is the fact that every company in England appears to have worked on the tube.


Every time we have a supplier in they tell us about their material that was used on the underground, whether it’s flooring, tiles or fabric, anyone who’s anyone has had their products used on the underground. So we thought we’d give you a mini lesson on what’s what in the world of materials once you get down in those tunnels.

Anti-Slip Flooring:

Those bobbles you get on the floor to stop you falling over and plunging to your death on a train track? Those are brought to you by our friends at Forbo.

Wall Tiles:

In the odd tube station you’ll see a mural on the wall, created by a selection of tiles with a different part of the image on each one. Those murals are created by Johnson Tiles.

Restoration Tiles:

Some of the older tube stations need re-tiling every now and then to keep them looking funky fresh. A number of those restorations have been carried out by the Wagstaff Group.

Are there products used on the tube that we haven’t mentioned in this post? Has your company also graced the tin cans of the underground? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you’ve got some products you think we’d be interested and would like to come in and show them off/tell us all about where you’ve been used on the underground face to face, please register your interest using our contact page and somebody will get back to you about setting up a meeting.