rows of motorbikes outside the ace cafe in london

Wading our way through the world of design isn’t easy. PENSON’s work is a bi-product of never-ending research and heated discussions over a cuppa. All those hours spent doing research, tweaking architectural drawings, perfecting mood boards, completing renders, selecting samples and writing reports often stay behind closed doors, and so do the individuals who make it all happen. A lot of our ‘work’ gets done on our spare time: reading books, flicking through magazines, visiting exhibitions and trade shows, going to gigs, pinteresting – we draw inspiration from everyday life and try to translate it into our designs.


To give you a better understanding of the people behind Del Boy’s living room in the Youtube HQ and the green velvet room at Google HQ, we decided to down our tools for a moment and throw our doors wide open: every now and again we’ll be introducing you to one PENSONite, where they will share their weekend game plan with you.


Our head of digital design, George, brings everything to life from inflatable flamingo’s to ice cream…and beer cans too! When he isn’t 3D rendering visuals you can find him at some quirky London events or regularly at the local climbing wall. George is a biker with a love for the open road. Be it on his motorbike or bicycle, he gets around London a lot quicker than the rest of us!

Look at this:


I’m planning to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Victoria Miro (close to Angel tube station) – she is one of my favourite artists. I saw her last exhibition at the Tate Modern a few years ago.

Read this:


I recently started to read a classic – Seneca – On the Shortness of Life

The book I read previously was about the first woman who finished a higher education who was blind and deaf. It’s called “The Story of my life” by Helen Keller. A very inspiring character, and it makes you think of how we take everyday life for granted…

Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Victoria Miro
iconYayoi Kusama
Seneca – On the Shortness of Life book cover
iconSeneca – On the Shortness of Life

Eat this:


My flatmate has a start-up company that produces and sells Miso Soup and I have enjoyed a session of her cooking/testing recently. You can try some of the recipes from her book here. I also went for a new product launch at her studio which was pretty cool.

 Experience this:



Miso Soup Recipe Book Cover
iconMiso Tasty The Cook Book | Bonnie Chung
sailing boat at sunset

See this:


I’ve seen a great movie with Jake Gyllenhaal called “Demolition” – I really recommend.

Do this:


Go for a Friday motorbike night at the Ace Cafe, a milestone in motorcycle culture.

“Demolition” film poster
motorcycle outside the ace cafe
iconAce Cafe

Listen to this:


From the movie (Demolition) soundtrack there’s a great track called “Touch me I’m going to scream Part II” from My Morning Jacket.