tracey emin artwork of a naked female figure in ink

Every now and again we introduce you to one PENSONite, where they share their weekend game plan with you.


PENSON’s recent addition comes in the form of our new Studio Superhero, Rosie. Books, colours, and new brands are what makes Rosie tick. While this Superhero doesn’t wear a cape, she definitely keeps the studio running smoothly. Having recently moved to The Big City from sleepy Cornwall, she’s making the most of her new urban life and is exploring all that London has to offer one event at a time!


Wading our way through the world of design isn’t easy. PENSON’s work is a bi-product of never-ending research and heated discussions over a cuppa. All those hours spent doing research, tweaking architectural drawings, perfecting mood boards, completing renders, selecting new samples and writing reports often stay behind closed doors, and so do the individuals who make it all happen. A lot of our creative ‘work’ gets done in our spare time: reading books, flicking through magazines, visiting exhibitions and trade shows, going to gigs, pinteresting – we draw inspiration from everyday life and try to translate it into our designs.


Look At This:


 Tracey Emin – It was all too Much, 2018.

For me, like others, Tracey is a pioneer in her field across multiple mediums.


Read This:


I have an undying love for Tom Hanks, so I recently bought his book ‘Uncommon Type’. It’s a collection of short stories which is great for reading on your commute, and they’re seriously well written… is there no end to the man’s talent?!

tracey emin artwork of a naked female figure in ink
iconTracey Emin
Tom hanks sat on a stage reading from his new book uncommon type

Eat This:


I recently went to Iberico, and while everything on the menu was incredible, I still haven’t stopped thinking about their Gambas a la Plancha (super garlicky, buttery

See This:


 ‘The Mouse Trap’ by Agatha Christie at The St. Martin’s Theatre. It. Is. Amazing. And such a classic!

a row of garlicky, buttery cooked prawns
iconIberico Gambas A La Plancha
Mousetrap cast stood around a board marking how many performances have been held

Drink This:


Ping Pong’s signature ‘Chinese Zombie’ – chosen purely for the name, ended up becoming my new favourite cocktail.

Watch This:


‘Fyre: The greatest party that never happened’. This documentary will make you laugh, question EVERYTHING, laugh some more, and come away with a whole load more questions. 

three cocktails on white napkins
fyre festival promo poster featuring white hurricane relief tents and a model lying down in the middle

Listen To This:


Marinade – Dope Lemon. Just do it.

Do This: 


The late nights at the Science museum. Totally worth it because a) no tourists! And b) it’s totally surreal to be drinking wine, and going to a silent disco amongst all the exhibitions – there’s nothing quite like it.

late night at the museum with a crowd of people in a silent disco