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NHS Dean Street

Nightclub… or NHS Clinic?

London, UK
Interior Design, Workplace
Healthcare, NHS
3,500 SQ. FT.
woman standing at a white reception desk - set against coral coloured walls

When the NHS asked us to work on a new sexual health clinic in central London, we were determined it shouldn’t feel like a hospital. Instead we drew inspiration from Soho's unique shop fronts, store decors and neon signs to give visitors a relaxed and welcoming vibe.

bright green screening room
iconScreening Room One
bright red screening room
iconScreening Room Two

Game Changing Design

The world’s first on-site infinity machine enables all results to be received within six hours

polka dot corridor and mirrored walls
iconMain clinic

‘An exemplar for future NHS walk-in clinics has been established’

FX Magazine
pendant lighting and neon sign against a coral coloured wall - at the top of stairs
iconStaircase details

Funding for the NHS is constantly getting tighter, so everybody must adapt, but working to a shrewd budget and still delivering a commercial interior design that makes a statement is one of our specialities.

Working out a low-cost plan from the beginning meant that at the end we were able to unveil one of the most radical clinics & interior design projects the NHS has ever seen, whilst paying homage to the theatrical history that runs through Soho’s veins. Comfortable, luxurious and bright areas replace cold, clinical and claustrophobic hospital interiors – with the added freedom to feel as relaxed as possible.

Reception area set against bright coral coloured wall, with white circular desk with integrated digital screens
iconDigital Reception
pendant lighting and neon sign against a coral coloured wall - at the top of stairs