With both Orgatec & Dutch Design week hitting the scene last month, we bring you PENSON’s top picks… from quirky 3D printed flooring, to stunning flexible workspaces, the creative minds behind some of the most up and coming designs in the industry don’t fail to disappoint!

So without further ado, let us present some of the brightest and best of the designs that caught our eye…


Orgatec 2018 / ‘Culture at Work’ :


Buzzibracks / Buzzispace : Alan Gilles 2018

Buzzibracks / Buzzispace : Alan Gilles 2018

With its retro colour tones, interchangeable material dividers, and stark metal frame, flexible is the new open plan with Alan Gilles’ Buzzibracks, for Buzzispace.



2. Aectual Flooring :

Aectual Flooring 2018

3D Printed and filled with a terrazzo infill, Aectual Flooring uses state of the art technology to create highly striking, completely bespoke, and eco-friendly designs… what more could you want?!



3.  Plenum™ :

Plenum™ by Fritz Hansen

With its high sides, built-in USB ports, power plugs, and mounted tables, Jamie Hayon’s ‘Plenum’ offers a new take on office furniture; marking the return of comfort and calm.



Dutch Design Week 2018 / ‘If Not Us, Then Who?’


1. Grafeiophobia: The Unexpected Office / Geoffrey Pascal :

Grafeiopobia: The Unexpected Office / Geoffrey Pascal. Photography: Iris Rijskamp

Bringing aesthetic and ergonomics together, Pascal’s designs could easily be mistaken for an eclectic installation! Focusing on the ‘neutral body posture’ developed by NASA, the office furniture is both playful and unique.



2. ‘The Production of Fatigue’ / Léa Mazy :

'The Production of Fatigue' Lea Mazy

‘The Production of Fatigue’ Lea Mazy

Running out of printer ink is one of the MOST frustrating things! Especially mid-print… but Léa Mazy’s beautiful ceramic tiles are anything but! Inspired by the patterns created when printer cartridges run low, these tiles are visually unique and thought-provoking.



3. Atoma / Alexandra Genis :

Atoma / Alexandra Genis. Phototgraphy: Nicole Marnati

These are too cool not to be included… moulded out of cocoa butter, these molecular compounds are responsible for flavour and can be grated over food to provide completely unique tastes!



And that’s a wrap on both Orgatec & Dutch Design Week; we’ve been inspired and impressed – bring on next year!