Ditch the orange, purple and black plastic! This is PENSON’s Halloween inspiration for all you design mavens out there – whether you’re throwing a party tomorrow night or not. Halloween isn’t just for kids. Create an autumnal scene in your communal space – at the office or at home. Subtle hints are all you need to achieve Halloween minimalism – and remember to keep the backdrop to a base colour like black, grey or white. Put in the effort and the result will be worth it. Grab your best pumpkins and squash and get decorating!

The PENSON team had great fun compiling our favourite Halloween Pinterest images. We’ve shared our favourites here…


For a dark take on decorations just grab some black pillar candles and chunks of charcoaled wood. If you can’t get hold of charcoaled wood then paint some pieces matt black:



True scandi-style with white and black elements:



A simple table display with candles and pumpkins. You don’t even need the cutouts on the wall for this to be effective:



Run some fairy lights down through suspended glass skulls:



A book lover’s dream with added rustic ornaments:



Make shapes out of orange honeycomb paper and add green paper stalks for pumpkins. Suspend them from the ceiling or stick them to a table top:



Tiny squash is the perfect addition to any shelf:



Keep your decorations to a crisp black and white. Add lettering for a cool effect:



Pops of colour with white is super effective. Paint your pumpkins any bright colour you want:



Paint and more paint! Create bright alternatives to the traditional orange. These pumpkins are inspired by Matisse!



A neon light always goes down well at PENSON. This light will be great any time of year but it’s perfect for Halloween: