Weekend Agenda

Weekend Design Agenda | This Drove My Mother Up The Wall

By Sarah Bean

spray painted messy white wall

PENSON love the abnormal in life and in design. Anything that turns the idea of art on its head is a winner in our books and Katharina Grosse‘s new exhibition at the South London Gallery is a perfect example. This exhibit explores what it is to go beyond the traditional limits of a canvas. On such a large scale, the architecture of The South London Gallery becomes an unwitting contributor to the essence of the work. The heavily saturated colour is layered and layered; something that can only be experienced with the naked eye.


This is Katharina’s first institutional solo exhibition in London. Unlike normal exhibitions – there’s the distinct feeling you’re witnessing a one-of-a-kind piece – that being a site-specific work. Made with spray paint guns, there’s such a violent vivid expression of colour. Just don’t take your mother, it might drive her up the wall!


It runs until the 3rd December, open Tuesdays to Sundays and is free.