As November comes to an end, we’re into the final festive month! And this weekend, it’s all about lights… 

While it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Oxford Street Christmas lights, there’s something even more inspiring about some of London’s lesser known light festivals…

Taking on a whole new lease of life, some of London’s best loved architecture and foliage comes to life. Illuminated in all its technicolour glory to create stunning visuals, here are some of PENSON’s must-see light installations:


After Dark Chiswick house and gardens, geometic sculpture illuminated in blue light.

© The Londonist.

Wrap up warm and wander through Chiswick house’s gardens – the 18th century grounds are brought to life by designer Nick Gray, with a strikingly modern take on traditional Christmas lights… with the added lure of delicious street food awaiting you at the end!


London Zoo illuminated Penguin Pool with water fountains.

© ZSL.

An icon of British Modernist architecture, London Zoo’s Penguin Pool gets a seriously festive makeover for their Christmas Light Trail. With choreographed fountains to classic Christmas music, larger than life animal sculptures and a light vortex tunnel – the park itself steps into the limelight – quite literally, while its usual star attractions settle down for the night.


Kew Gardens laser light display and illuminated greenhouse.

© Richard Houghton / RBG Kew.

Lit up against the night sky, Kew Gardens looks like something out of an Andy Warhol print. The laser beam light displays, futuristic looking tree canopies and illuminated mile long trail make it hard to imagine you’re still in the famous botanic gardens – it’s a spectacular other worldly experience, and definitely not one to be missed!


Canary Wharf light display and reflections.

© Canary Wharf.

Coming in last are the Canary Wharf Winter Lights. Taking advantage of the incredible buildings in Canary Wharf, the light displays are mirrored in their surroundings, and the lit up windows of the high rises suddenly have a whole new beauty to them. The only downside? … you have to wait until January for this display! But we just couldn’t leave them out…