Weekend Agenda

Weekend Agenda | Spring Has Arrived!

By Rosie Furlong

Orchid display on a pergola style building with two women tending the flowers from within the water surrounding the display

With a huge sigh of relief, we’ve made it out of Winter and into Spring! The sunshine of this week has had the PENSON team out and about making the most of it – from trips to Battersea park, and lunch outside by the Thames, it definitely feels like we’ve left the cold, dark days behind at long last…


So this weekend, we’ve put together some of the best outdoor events that’ll have you taking in all that London has to offer, with a healthy dose of vitamin D!

East London: Architecture, Streetlife & Survival:

The architecture around East London is not to be missed – one of London’s fastest growing areas, this walking tour delves past the hipster coffee shops, to see how the area has adapted, evolved, and been reborn over the decades. PENSON is all about London’s architecture, and as we expand our projects across the city, we love drawing inspiration from the areas we live and work in…

The walking tour leaves from Old Street Station Exit 1 @ 10.30am Saturday 2nd March.

East London: Architecture, Streetlife & Survival walking tour poster

Orchids festival at Kew:

Colour is at the forefront of PENSON’s design process, our projects are a kaleidoscopic rainbow – and our sample library is a testament to this! To experience an overwhelming explosion of colour, head on down to Kew Gardens this weekend to visit the Orchid Festival. With breathtaking displays designed around this year’s theme: The Colour of Colombia, you wont be able to help being filled with inspiration for your own home…


SAMPLE Spring, Greenwich Peninsula:

Greenwich is home to some of Team PENSON’s favourite markets – we were BIG fans of Maltby market back at Christmas, and this weekend sees the return of the SAMPLE Spring pop-up market. Showcasing all our favourite things; fashion, homeware, craft, and seasonal food – there’s something for everything here!

Orchids festival at Kew
SAMPLE Spring pop-up market stall in pink with greenery

The East London Furniture Flea Market:

Never one to shy away from a bold statement piece, Team PENSON is always on the lookout for the next quirky item that perfectly encapsulates the core idea of the project we’re working on. From a 49-foot giant parrot head, to monkey light stands, The East London Furniture Flea Market is a must visit this weekend to hunt down your very own statement piece… how great is the pineapple below?! We’re getting major YouTube HQ vibes from this…

The East London Furniture Flea Market

Architecture Tours – New Perspectives:

Finally, another architecture tour (What can we say?! PENSON isn’t PENSON without a whole lot of architecture appreciation!) … This one is running at the Barbican Centre, the tour takes you across the Barbican Centre and surrounding Brutalist estate. What we love about this tour is looking beyond the scenes of nature – it gets you to really stop and look at all the nooks and crannies that on a day to day basis you’d often miss – trust us you’ll spend the rest of your London commutes looking up at your surroundings after this rather than with your nose in your phone!

For booking information make sure to visit their website

And on that note, we hope you take a moment this weekend to breathe in the spring air, and celebrate all that outdoor London has to offer… even if jumpers may be required!