Last Thursday the design team headed over to Material Lab for an evening of ‘detoxing and retoxing’ with Karndean Flooring.

For those of you wondering, the Detox part is anything like pampering therapy, mindfulness or yoga, and generally anything that makes you feel calm. The Retox is the great part! Refuel your detox with things that you enjoy and love.

While the detoxing was a little on the light side at Material Lab (the lure of cheese boards and wine upstairs was too much to resist!) we fully participated in the retoxing… especially when the dominos pizza arrived… and proceeded to have a fabulous evening.

While we might’ve not quite perfected the ultimate Detox/Retox balance, it gave us plenty of food for thought as to how we’d spend our weekends.

Were we Retoxers? Or Detoxers? (FYI Team PENSON are overwhelmingly Retoxers…)

The simplest solution seemed to be to split the weekend – Saturdays for indulgence, partying, and socialising, with Sundays for chilling, lazing about, and enjoying the leisurely pace of life (or nursing hangovers!) So, you could say, swap it! Retox and then Detox.

Here’s what our evening at Material Lab looked like, in case you’re wondering…

Starting with a 'Detox'...

Starting with a ‘Detox’…


... before moving on to the 'Retox'

… before moving on to the ‘Retox’


Now for the best ‘Retox’ and ‘Detox’ inspiration to help get the best out of the weekend…


Ballie Ballerson

Giving us all the nostalgia, this adult ball-pit bar is the ultimate Saturday location to laugh away the week’s stresses! With neon lights, 3 ball pits, sweet themed cocktails and bottomless pizza brunches,


The Chocolate Cocktail Club

Chocolate and alcohol, the ultimate combination for a retoxing Saturday. Whoever said everything in moderation clearly hasn’t been to The Chocolate Cocktail Club in Shoreditch…


The Cheese Bar

Need we say more?! What’s more indulgent than mountains of oozey, melty cheese?! The Cheese Bar is based up in Camden Market, after the huge success of their OG Cheese Truck, and we’d highly recommend their ‘sharing’ pots of fondue… make sure to book ahead, this cheesey haven is unsurprisingly popular!




After your Saturday retox, nothing beats a lazy brunch on a Sunday to start the detoxing. Christopher’s Super Food Brunch is renowned for its healthy take on all our favourite breakfast dishes, eating healthily has never tasted so good…



Fierce Grace Yoga

Hot Yoga is one of London’s most on-trend workouts. Sweating out all the impurities in your body, while working through a core strengthening routine sounds intense, but the natural release of endorphins and a general feeling of success after powering through one of Fierce Grace’s classes will leave you feeling fresh, detoxed, and ready to take on the week ahead…


The Good Life Eatery Juice Bar

While they’re no chocolate cocktail, The Good Life Eatery Juice Bar offers a vast selection of vitamin boosting, body positive, re-energising juices in a whole rainbow of colours. Either grab one on the way back from your hot yoga class or while away a leisurely afternoon sat in one of their many cafes and enjoy the world as it goes by…


As PENSON get into the Friday groove, we’ll be planning our own retox and detoxing moments for the weekend ahead by sneaking in some inspiration from the above!