DIY Ideas For People Who Always Have A Project On The Go

By Rosie Furlong

white tulips and vintage playing cards scattered on the floor

Everybody knows somebody who always has to have some sort of DIY project underway around the house. Whether it’s turning the cupboard under the stairs into a multi-shelved storage haven or painting the doorknobs in cute patterns, here are some cheap, easy, quick and satisfying ideas for you to get stuck into when inspiration runs dry. You don't need London's best workshop studios to tackle these creative ideas! Chop chop, those old curtains aren’t going to turn into sofa cushions by themselves!

Collect wine corks & stick them together to make coasters (it’ll be fun building up the collection too…)

Paint wooden spoons different shades of the same colour to create an ombre set (or go rainbow!) and brighten up your kitchen.

corks cut and placed together to create drinks coasters
wooden utensils dipped in brightly coloured paints

Remove the bottom and innards from old lightbulbs and fill with water to create mini-vases. Use pieces of wire to turn them into hanging plant pots!

Pick a bright picture frame (or paint your own), attach hooks to the inner frame & mount on the wall for a unique way to keep your keys organised.

glass lightbulbs with string hanging them up, filled with water and flowers on a yellow background
bright blue picture frame turned into a diy key holder

Cut plastic bottles in half and wrap the top half in string. Use a small low watt bulb (otherwise you’ll met the plastic!) and you’ve got a cheap and colourful alternative lampshade.

plastic bottles wrapped around with coloured string to create diy lampshades

Add double sided tape to pebbles and stick them to your walls to make natural jewellery hangers.

Gold (or whatever colour you like) paint and some masking tape: voila!

pebbles with double sided tape on the back to be stuck to walls as jewellery hangers
succulents in black and white plant pots with painted gold sections