JO&JOE Gentilly features in major Paris Exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

By Sarah Bean

A major new exhibition has launched this week at the Pavillon de L'Arsenal. Located in the centre of Paris, the Hotel Metropolis exhibition aims to explore the relationship between Paris and it's age-old love affair with hotels and hospitality. The first exhibition of its kind, it will look at the Parisian hotel model and will seek to define this architecture - at once familiar and unknown - ultimately to understand the future more clearly. 


The exhibition features our recent project, JO&JOE Gentilly, as a pivotal piece of the Parisian hospitality puzzle that is helping to mould the city's hospitality scene into the future.

An external visual shot of JO&JOE Gentilly in the day showing a beige coloured facade
iconJO&JOE Gentilly street view

Pavillon de L'Arsenal says "Just ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics, Grand Paris is reinventing its hotel architecture. From family rooms, to capsule beds, dormitories, XXL suites, inhabited rooftops, landscaped courtyards, and multi-purpose lobbies, more than 150 projects for every preference and budget are currently being planned or built. The Paris region has 2,450 hotels that offer more than 150,000 rooms. In 2018, these facilities managed 52 million occupancies, a trend that continues to rise and which ultimately does not seem to be affected by the appearance of new factors, especially private apartment rental platforms.

A wooden effect room with pink floors and black walls with wooden dormitory beds
iconJO&JOE Gentilly's 'Together' room is more popular than private options

"Hotels are familiar sights in our cities, ones that have been rooted in the urban landscape for as long as we can remember. They are also a building that is perpetually subject to modification, in anticipation of social, economic, and cultural changes. The exhibition “Hotel Metropolis – Since 1818” illustrates the history of this form of architecture since its emergence, depicts the current state of Paris’ hotels, and explores new perspectives on these institutions in light of the environmental challenges we have begun to face." - Pavillon de L'Arsenal

PENSON CEO Lee said "it's fantastic news that JO&JOE Gentilly is featuring in this exhibition. It's great that we've created not only something for everyone to experience and to enjoy but which can be used as part of a much wider discussion on how cities are adapting and developing for the future. I'm proud to say that JO&JOE Gentilly is so much more than a cool place to stay - it's also a key player in shaping the local community. It just goes to show the love for hotels, hostels and bnb's is still strong - no matter how the hospitality climate is shaping and changing."

A green exhibition flyer for Hotel Metropole Depuis with large white fonts
iconExhibition flyer
A green exhibition flyer for Hotel Metropole Depuis with white font writing
iconExhibition flyer

If you're around Paris before the exhibition ends on the 12th of January then head to Pavillon de L'Arsenal, 21, Bld Morland 75004 Paris. The exhibition is free of charge.