JO&JOE: What's The Idea?

By Sarah Bean

jo&joe logo made out of living plants

PENSON have always been famous for creating innovative new ways of working and combining space with all things fun, but now they bring a new way of sleeping, travelling and experiencing. JO&JOE is THE game-changing Open House for the millennial-minded go-getters that puts experience at the forefront of the agenda. Travel, live, eat, sleep & breathe the new vibe. You have the stepping-stones to create your own experience, discover life and make memories. JO&JOE is the operational and holistic concept set to revolutionise the leisure and hotel sector for everyone. The JO&JOE brand will be global, with Open Houses across the world & no two will be identical. Each will have its own individuality and character suited to the culture and locality. See our press release to find out more.

two yellow high rise buildings
iconJO&JOE Brand | PENSON
inflatable bedding and quirky furniture
iconJO&JOE Brand | PENSON

The JO&JOE brand is the most unique and one-of-a-kind in hospitality we have seen. PENSON accepted the new branding challenge and collaborated with the AccorHotels Marketing Innovation Lab to design the future and make the true JO&JOE experience come to life. Along with lots of focus groups with all the cool kids, PENSON and the Marketing Innovation Lab created something that’s disruptive yet innovative, and combines all the elements you want from a hostel, hotel and private rent. It’s your own home from home placed all over the world. It’s also bang on trend.

AccorHotels hadn’t launched a new brand for 15 years so JO&JOE needed to be more than just an up-to-date hospitality venture. It needed to be the future. It needed to exude the millennial mindset. Thankfully PENSON are experts at all things millennial – we’ve got an average age of 32 – with no designer egos to get in the way. Although, JO&JOE is all about a state of mind, not just an age. JO&JOE is designed with everyone in mind who loves life. It’s the future of travel, it’s on the go, it’s interactive, it’s digital. Back in February, PENSON sat down together and combined our personal experiences, and we realised we had the perfect focus group at our fingertips. The PENSON team are well travelled, all born in different countries, have all worked in different countries, lived in different countries and have explored different countries. We have a wide knowledge of cultures and an understanding of what people look for when visiting a new place. PENSON is unique & multinational, just like JO&JOE. Different elements combine to create something game-changing that easily translates into a simple but effective concept. One that the world didn’t know it needed.

circular seating for the jo&joe brand
iconJO&JOE Brand | PENSON
modules of furniture with neon lighting
iconJO&JOE Brand | PENSON

JO&JOE is born out of the real-life experiences, the enjoyments of travel, and the too-often disappointing budget accommodation we’ve all come to experience. We’ve built upon that to produce a concept that’s eclectic and vibrant in every way, without suffering on functionality. The duality of the JO&JOE brand is embodied by two sides: two mindsets, two types of travellers, two different people, life and experience that caters for all. But it’s so much more than that: it blends genres, fits seamlessly with living and moulds to life. Just like the guests at JO&JOE, it is life and experience all rolled into one, with uninhibited fun thrown in.