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JO&JOE Brand

THE game-changing Open House experience in travel

Interior Design, Brand Experience, Brand Co-Creation
Dependent on Location
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PENSON bring new energy and super-slick reinvention to the world of hospitality as a relatively fresh force to the industry. This, and being renowned for creating game-changing brands that generate huge customer experience, PENSON co-created JO&JOE and its ethos, values, customer experience and interiors as a new model. JO&JOE embraces a liberated and rebellious approach to deliver new emotions for its guests, as well as enabling the required benefits on operational, practicable and investor levels.

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Game Changing reinvention

Global roll-out by PENSON & AccorHotels is underway

‘Hotel, Hostel, Home’

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When we design ‘hospitality’, we don’t behave like designers. We turn things on their head, put things on wheels and adopt the mentality that we're creating an unforgettable party, not a hotel or a bar.

We are highly creative innovators who make life more fulfilling and social and deliver it all in one holistic experience. We helped Accor Hotels create the brand, redefine the customer experience, re-position the ethos, establish the game-changing values, and of course, generate the Interior Design.