Open House is Open | Announcement

By Sarah Bean

girl blowing blue powder paint into the air for the holi festival

PENSON have an announcement and it’s their biggest to date! Chosen from 20 of the world’s best global designers to create a game-changing Open House concept – PENSON & AccorHotels present JO&JOE.


From the designers who brought you the interiors of the world’s 5th tallest tower for global brand Lotte in Seoul, and the renowned visionary interiors of Google HQ, Jaguar Land Rover, PlayStation and YouTube. PENSON have now created the world’s first worldwide self-styled Open House. Guests shape the interiors to disrupt what we currently expect from standard hotels, hostels and rentals, and blends them together to create an atmosphere that’s electric. JO&JOE is the operational and holistic concept set to revolutionise the leisure and hotel sector for everyone. With 50 locations planned by 2020 in Paris, Warsaw, Budapest, Rio & São Paulo, the JO&JOE brand is set to move as fast as the millennial-minded lifestyle it’s aimed for.

garden scene with bright colours and circular bar, sketched on white outlines of people

JO&JOE is the world’s first Open House where your life and experiences create the vibe. It doesn’t follow the rule book: it’s sleeping and socialising on another level, with loads of unconventionality thrown in. JO&JOE is a mind-setter, life-enhancer & journey-maker. Being there feels tantalisingly good. The concept was born from a close collaboration between PENSON and the Marketing Innovation Lab at AccorHotels to grasp the true millennial mind-set. PENSON delivered to the next level with their pragmatic outlook for creating character, authentic experiences & functional space that maximises every inch of volume.

Relive stories over a giant shared barbeque with soon-to-be lifelong friends and connect on giant comfy foam pizza beds. At the bar grab a homemade brew or a cocktail of new emotions that will fizz long into the night. Your eclectic personality is reflected through the Open House’s own unique personality, spirit, and locality. It’s all about getting people together as one, making friends, sharing experiences and creating memorable stories. Delivering new emotions, genuine experiences and off-the-scale benchmarks for the ultimate Open House immersion is JO&JOE’s motto and PENSON’s agenda. You just need a social notice wall added to complete the set – one that’s a big community but small enough to carry in your pocket. The JO&JOE app creates life’s stories through its super social ‘Who’s up For’ and ‘Hall of Fame’. It’s synchronised literal buzzing tech at the top of its game. The beds are super comfy, but no one looks back on their life and remembers their nights of sleep. Go out and get social with your personalised virtual tour guide.

beach shack interior with green walls, surfboards, palm trees and pillows
mud hut interior with circular day bed seating and curtain covered doorway

Players in the striking and bold, PENSON’s design mind-set is key to JO&JOE’s unique-ism. There’s loads of space to share because of one of a kind ‘Kit-of-Parts’, a modular set that is perfect to cosy up into and doesn’t sacrifice privacy. They can be placed anywhere, onto any canvas and adapted to surroundings – answering real estate issues. By putting wheels on practically everything, there’s loads of room to spread out your stuff, kick back and relax. The beds might not really be beds – you use them for whatever you want. Distinctive rooms quench the thirst for something more than just accommodation with Love Birds, Tribes or riding solo, no matter who you are, there’s a room for your unique spirit.


JO&JOE loves life and is always sent with love. Experiment, try something new, cross paths, jump straight out of a plane and skydive your way into an adventure you’ll never forget. PENSON’s philosophy is all about using the ‘normal’ and turning it on its head to create ‘what it’s not’ – a pleasantly unexpected idea that has function at the heart. Lee Penson, CEO, says “It’s FUN, anywhere, anytime. Hit refresh on what you know. And who knows, PENSON might be crazy enough to be planning their next design on the moon!”

interior of a JO&JOE room with inflatable flamingos, bunkbeds, circular seating and glass sliding doors