red starfish shaped arm chair next to a houndstooth print sofa

This week’s PENSON’s Pick is sofas. Now, we could have just put in some comfy looking or vibrant looking or weird looking sofas we’d found online, but instead we decided to be a little bit more trendy.


The current trend in the world of sofas is length: the longer the better, like eyelashes and sausage rolls. So if you’ve got a big family, a large friend group, an office that needs furnishing, or if you’re just selfish when it comes to taking up three quarters of the sofa when you’re stretched out in front of the TV, then one of these super long sofas could be for you. And remember: when it comes to seating in 2013, size really does matter.

If you liked any of these sofas, head over to 1stDibs where we spotted them all and snap them up. If you enjoyed this post feel free to head over to our Pinterest page, where we post inspiring and interesting pictures like these ones on a daily basis.