Presents by PENSON | Books for the Design-Minded

By Rosie Furlong

Bookshelf with illuminated neon books glowing

As the PENSON team get down to the all-important task of secret santa-ing; it has us all pondering on the best gifts this Christmas… and so we bring you ‘Presents by PENSON’ – this week, a list of the best books for the design minded in your lives! From beautifully presented coffee table reads, to inspirational masterpieces, there’s something for everyone, as shopping-mania takes hold!

Tom Ford autobiography black and white book cover, and the book itself open to reveal a portrait of Tom Ford

Tom Ford: A must have for any fashion lover, this book is another great example of a stylish coffee table book – and an excellent read! The striking photography brings Tom Ford’s achievements to life, and presents an exclusive insight into the thinking behind some of the most renowned fashion designs…

Yellow book cover for the impossible collection of design stood up in front of a book shelf, with the open book itself in front
The kinfolk book cover infront of a grey curtain

The Impossible Collection of Design: From the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements through Bauhaus and Art Deco, Pop Art and the Memphis school, to today’s digital age, ‘The Impossible Collection of Design’ is the perfect book for losing yourself to some of the best design work in the world… and its bold yellow cover makes is just as aesthetically pleasing!

The Kinfolk Home: The interiors for slow living by THE KINFOLK HOME is a seriously satisfying book. Taking you to 35 homes on 5 different continents, Kinfolk explore the values of slow living, and designing interiors around that concept. It is a totally personal, stripped back approach in a world where switching off is becoming increasingly harder.

greenterior book cover on a wooden bench surrounded by multiple leafy green plants and succulents

Greenterior: Greenterior will set your sights on being surrounded by overflowing greenness. Paying homage to both plants, creatives, and interiors, you’ll soon want to bring the outdoors indoors too!

100 interiors around the world book cover in front of white wall and green plant
The Art of Looking Sideways white book cover with black writing in rows, on a grey marble counter top

100 Interiors Around The World: ‘100 Interiors Around The World’ will give you all the inspiration you could possibly want… and a sudden urge to redesign your entire house! As with most interior design books, this is all about the photography – and it doesn’t disappoint! Stunning visuals, bold colours, and a look into some of the most inspiring homes in the world – every interior designers dream!

The Art of Looking Sideways: The art of looking sideways one of the most inspirational books anyone in the creative industry can read – a wealth of anecdotes, jokes, quotes, and thoughts by Alan Fletcher, it’s the ultimate guide to visual awareness.

With so many design books to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice this Christmas!