blue ombre mannequin with the side of a lampshade in shot


Moose heads & Vintage Guitars

London, UK
Interior Design, Workplace
Architecture & Interior Design
6,000 SQ.FT
blue ombre mannequin and meeting room area in a glass box with a circular table, chairs and pink circular rug

For our own interior design project in the heart of SE1 we started with a blank canvas – all white floors, walls and ceilings – before adding quirky features to the studio (think moose heads, vintage record players and amps) that capture our passion for the power of great spaces.

white walls of penson's studio with a grey leather armchair in the distance and a moose head hanging on the wall above the entrance
iconTake a Seat
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iconCreative Souls

'PENSON ensure their vibrant personalities shine through with their eclectic collection of furniture and trinkets.'

penson interior corridor with a person walking away next to a blue ombre mannequin
iconWhite everywhere

This studio in London is a shrewd party lounge – come – collaboration machine that drives fun and hard creative outputs. Utilising our workplace strategy, we know so well, clear boundaries have been created in the open plan space with the help of statement pieces of furniture and cleverly placed rugs.

The main studio is spacious and immaculately organised, with all members of the architecture and design teams sitting together in order to allow constant communication at every stage of the project process. Ultimately, it’s all about the subtle touches: the porcelain chicken egg pots for pens, the vintage record players recycled into clocks and Lee’s custom David Gilmour Fender guitar placed near its vintage matchless amp.

record player clock on a pink fluffy rug
iconRecycled record players