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Partnering vibrant cultures, rich diversity, and brilliant economics

Middlesex, UK
Interior Design, Workplace
Technology Conglomerate
21,000 SQ. FT.
white curved walls with a carpeted corridor and sculptural entrance way

Guarded by a life-size lion statue, CISCO’s new HQ takes you on a trip around the world, drawing heavily on CISCO’s emerging markets to create an inspirational hub of culture and commerce.

blurred out person walking along a white corridor with screens on the wall

Striking, eclectic, and unabashed; CISCO’s new emerging markets HQ has the PENSON stamp all over its workplace interior design. Fabrics, ornaments and photographs are used to decorate the office – many of which have been supplied by employees themselves – brought back from their travels in the various ‘emerging market’ regions across the world. It all creates a space that feels personal to the team, as well as engaging and welcoming for visitors. As well as adding colour and verve to the office, the interior design project also maximises floor space.

‘Expect the unexpected if you visit the newly renovated HQ’

FX Magazine