rainbow birthday cake

Today marks PENSON’s tenth birthday, but don’t crack out the balloons and the party poppers just yet, we have something we’d like to say first.


Over the past decade we’ve become known as one of the world’s leading architecture and design practices and have worked hard to make every year count. We’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in the world: Google, YouTube, Android and Jay Z to name but a few. We’ve won international awards for our projects and have been named as design practice of the year by multiple top architectural and design magazines. How many other ten year olds do you know who can say that? I’ve got a ten-year-old cousin and he still can’t ride a bike, so I guess you could say we’re pretty mature for our age.

team penson sat around a table with glasses of wine
iconPENSON 2014
team penson stood on the beach
iconPENSON 2014

We can feel free to celebrate a new decade in the industry with no stress this week as we remain happy in the knowledge that we’re currently working on some of the biggest projects in our history – from TV giants SKY and UKTV to hedge fund experts SEI, we refuse to take a break. With a redesign of King’s multiple offices worldwide and fresh global appointments from Jaguar Land Rover, this could be the year we take over the world for good.


Even though we’ll be celebrating less by indulging in cake overdoses and games of pin the tail on the donkey and more by indulging in hard work, don’t feel bad for us, we love it. In the future you can expect to see us continuing to expand, to land incredible projects, to deliver outstanding designs, to win awards, and to carry on the journey to becoming the company that we ultimately want to be.

Starting out our tenth year with an entirely new brand was our birthday present to ourselves – the chance to take the bull by the horns and make this next decade even more successful than the last. Thanks to us getting that present for ourselves, we don’t expect anything from you guys, so don’t worry about dropping by with mountains of gifts or anything. Unless it’s a space hopper. Or doughnuts.


Thank you to those who have supported us over the last ten years, and welcome to those who will support us over the next. We’ll meet you at the bouncy castle at six. Bring your own party poppers, the hats are on us.