Google Engineering

Combining the inner beauty of technology and nature.

London, UK
Interior Design, Workplace
120,000 SQ. FT.
L3 sign on a grey wall with metal pipe outlines

We knew we had to create something special for the people who keep everything running. Games rooms, music studios, an auditorium, whiteboard walls and “flight pods” that we invented specifically for Google didn’t seem like quite enough, so we made the coffee room out of compressed sheets of fresh coffee shavings too.

game changing

Google's 2nd largest centre for technology application development

white led light sign reading 'meeting room' on a dark blue background
iconL3 Wayfinding
close up of shelf detail with white symbol
iconL3 Suspended Shelves

‘Fresh thinking and creativity should come easily for Google Engineering employees at their revamped London offices…’

Google cosy lounge with green carpet, dark nooks, eclectic furniture & cushions
multiple plastic goldfish hanging in front of a glass window
iconL3 Details

We took Google Engineering’s philosophy and unlocked its slick, futuristic casing to reveal the inner workings and the beauty of engineering to expose the inspiration for L3/L4.

Our concept for Google’s engineering headquarters’ interior design focused on the need to let creativity run wild. We filled the building with whiteboards, workstations and creative – and playful – breakout areas. We even built a coffee lab made of compressed coffee grounds – and ‘The COG’ – complete with mobile phone jammers for quiet time. Privacy, daylight and acoustic separation are still at the heart of the layout and the workplace interior design.