feature wall made of recycled wooden planks, green plants and red arrow neon sign

What was the one phrase that was said so many times on Changing Rooms it nearly made your ears bleed? “Feature wall”? That’s the one.


The feature wall is everyone’s go to solution when they’re trying to revamp a room on a budget or to a deadline. It’s cheap, easy and – if it’s done right – it can completely transform the atmosphere of a space. I’ve been snooping around the internet for a while and I’ve put together a little selection of the best feature walls to try out in your own house or office. Even if you don’t like any of these specifically, maybe one of them will inspire you to try something you might never have thought of before.



You can even stray away from the more traditional feature wall methods, like painting, motifs and photographs, and try your hand at something a little more original.

But remember, there’s no need to just stick to what’s around you, you can always branch out and, more importantly, reach up. How about a feature ceiling to brighten up rooms that are too small to handle a vibrant wall colour?

I hope some of these decor ideas gave you some inspiration for your own home and office projects, and I also hope that one day we can live in a society where personalized underwater feature walls are standard practice in the biggest offices in the world. I would pay good money to see Richard Branson immortalized wearing a snorkel.