PENSON's Pick | Loft Conversions

By Rosie Furlong

loft space with two floor seats and a TV

I remember learning from a young age that if somebody had a loft conversion they were admired by all. I would hear my parents whispering in the kitchen about Tracey and Jack from the down the road and how they’d had various builders and decorators in and out for the last two weeks. Maybe they were getting a loft conversion? We need to start talking to them in the street asap so that when it’s finished they might invite us over to take a look. Oh, how the other half live.


A loft conversion is one of the biggest DIY projects somebody can take on – you’re essentially building another floor onto your house from scratch – but the list of benefits of having that extra space is too long to count.

So, here’s this week’s PENSON’s Pick: loft conversions, no home design project is more satisfying than gaining an entire extra floor just by transforming a spider ridden hell hole into a sleek heavenly space.


From the complete revamp to the mini tidy up, no matter how big or small, whether it’s an extra bedroom, a lounge space, or even a fully equipped self contained apartment, try to find a spark of inspiration in one of these examples and you’ll be on your way to social exclusivity before you know it. Easy peasy.

Loft conversion with mezzanine level
loft conversion with bookshelves and sofa
loft conversion with floor to ceiling windows and double bed
loft conversion cinema room with screen and star sky ceiling