PENSON's Pick | Desserts with a Difference

By Rosie Furlong

red geometric cake on a black worktop

Team PENSON have over the last few months been putting their talents to use in the kitchen as well as
in the studio, and each Friday we’ve seen (and tasted!) a different bake off-style creation…

Drawing ourselves away from our own baked goods (think white chocolate cheesecake, mince pies, banana bread, and apple slices) we looked to the world to see what other kinds of desserts were out there…


Cue Architectural desserts. A wondrous world of precise accuracy where you can prepare to be amazed! While we wish we could claim these culinary masterpieces, we have to hold our hands up and own our own homemade, Tupperware friendly efforts instead!

Dinara Kasko reflective cake
Marie Oiseau architectural cakes
Marie Oiseau architectural cakes
Kia Utzon-Frank marble sculpture like cakes
Kia Utzon-Frank marble sculpture like cakes

And with those mouthwatering desserts with a difference fresh in our minds, we’ll start thinking about our own showstopper for this Friday…