Weekend Agenda

Weekend Agenda | Sonica Festival 2019

By Rosie Furlong

black silhouette hands on a purple disk

Here at PENSON, our 3D visual team are amongst the best globally. Producing the ultimate optical illusions, their 3D renderings merge the boundaries between reality and imagination. Created to Lee Penson's WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) policy, their photo-like visuals offer clients such as Jay-Z, Google, and Sports Direct snapshots into the future - images so close to the final result, you feel as if you could step right into them...

Penson bar and seating area visual

So it goes without saying, team PENSON are beyond excited to see what this year's Sonica festival is going to exhibit.


Produced by Cryptic, Sonica is an 11 day biennial festival in Glasgow, dedicated to world class visual sonic arts, presenting exceptional international artists alongside emerging UK talent in diverse venues city-wide. 

Presenting more than 80 intriguing artists from 11 countries, as well as highlighting Scotland's great homegrown talent, our team favourite is 'Aether', a dazzling and unmissable experience where an impressive 8000 metres of overhead lighting seamlessly interacts with the fabulous music of Max Cooper.

Showcasing over 180 performances and installations, Sonica takes over Glasgow, and becomes a haven for all design-minded creatives. Wandering from venue to venue, you become enveloped by light and sound, becoming every bit as much as the perforances, as the permformers...

iconAether | Max Cooper
newspaper clipping about sonica festival

"Sonica makes it something of a mission to place image and sound on an equal footing."

- Financial Times 2019

Running from Thursday 31st October to Sunday 10th November, this is the last weekend to visit the award-winning festival.


With talks, workshops, and performances running all weekend, this is definitely not one to miss!

silhouette of a woman against neon green lights
iconTruth & Beauty | Tim Murray Browne & Aphra Shezma
neon light installation
iconCave of Sounds | Tim Murray Browne