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To give you a better understanding of the people behind the eclectic interiors of projects like JO&JOE Gentilly, we decided to put down our tools and throw our doors wide open; every now and again we introduce you to one PENSON member where they share their weekend game plan with you. PENSON’s work is a by-product of never-ending research and heated discussions over a cuppa. A lot of our ‘work’ gets done in our spare time - reading books, flicking through magazines, visiting exhibitions and trade shows, going to gigs, pinteresting – we draw inspiration from all parts of life.


This week we have Asta, or as we like to call her, Asta Pasta, who is one of the PENSON Associates. Asta is queen of colours, cool concepts and generally, the whackiest ideas. Recently, she’s been leading the concept design for new projects for The Hut Group, global JO&JOE sites and for other new undisclosed projects. Originally from Lithuania, Asta has been in the UK for nearly 20 years, at PENSON for 8 years, and is still educating the entire team on traditional Lithuanian cakes and sweet treats. We’re still learning! 


Here, she sets out her perfect winter weekend game-plan...


December is dress up party season so I’m looking forward to visiting a number of crazy shops to hunt for the perfect outfits for parties.


A friend recently bought me The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, which I’m currently reading. I need to up my game on reading English books, so this is perfect for me.

icon© Vestiaire Collective
iconThe Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter


My new found love – creating very unique and larger-than-life sandwiches (I’m dating a chef so thankfully every meal is gorgeous!)


Step away from the white wine...and welcome in mulled wine season!

iconDid someone say sandwich?
icon© Broma Bakery


You’ve got to visit all the different London Christmas markets to get into the festive spirit. There are all the usuals; Winter Wonderland, the Tate Modern, Southbank, but I’ve been soaking up the benefits of living literally in the heart of Kingston Christmas market.

iconKingston Market


I still haven’t seen the Joker film - it’s on the top of my ‘to watch’ list. It’s supposed to be brilliant.


Music depends on my mood – I’ll go from Perfume Genius to something hardcore like Machine Heads.

iconMachine Head | © Travis Shinn
iconPerfume Genius | © Todd Heisler/NYTimes/Redux


Go to LOST WORLDS - The Winter Masked Ball at The Vaults in Waterloo on Saturday 30th November @ 9pm ~ £25 a ticket. It’s simply amazing and other wordly and you’ll thank me for it later.

icon© The Vaults