Weekend Agenda

Weekend Agenda | The Hayward Gallery: Space Shifters

By Rosie Furlong

person looking into a room filled with waist height oil

Prepare to have your perception altered, in the most stomach-twisting, gravity-defying way possible. Currently exhibiting at the Hayward gallery, ‘Space Shifters’ features the work of 20 renowned artists from around the world; Richard WilsonYayoi Kusama, & Jeppe Hein, to namedrop but a few of these incredible creators, whose work spans over 50 years – fitting, as the gallery celebrates its 50th year…


The exhibition is a labyrinth of installations; designed to confuse, inspire and intrigue. It’s here that Richard Wilson’s 20:50 has made its most recent home; for those unfamiliar with Wilson’s work – rooms flooded with engine oil, this totally bizarre experience is not to be missed! Your senses are assaulted on so many levels; but the feeling of vertigo is unparalleled as you look down at a mirror reflection of the industrial ceiling.

Monika Sosnowska’s handrail installation is another firm PENSON favourite – the unobtrusive red handrail winds its way up the staircase, before exploding into an abstract scribble of colour. It’s such a simple way of quite literally turning the mundane everyday into a work of art!

Finally, once you’ve worked your way through this surreal exhibition, you are confronted with an electric blue piece of sky – un-apologetically bold among the grey skyline behind it. Blue skies no matter the weather – what more could you want?!

‘Shape Shifters’ at the Hayward Gallery, London, is on until the 6th January 2019.