Co-Work, SOHO

co-working culture

London, UK
Interior Design, Workplace
5,000 SQ. FT.
meeting room table with olive-green walls and a collection of art prints at the end

A PENSON classic: visionary coworking design, a perfectly simple workplace model and huge amounts of character – all set in amongst the most buzzing area of London. Co-Work’s fifth office by PENSON is the bright and intuitive cherry on top of the entire Co-Work-designed cake; a collection of spaces that define modern co-working culture.

'Sleek, modern and anything but boring.’

Mix Interiors
art prints on a wall
iconHeaps of character

We’ve created yet another coworking interior design in London that people will actually look forward to working in. With an open brief in look and feel to design a sleek, modern space rejecting all things boring, we created a spacious, vibrant and refreshing work environment while simultaneously ensuring nothing went to waste – all within a shrewd budget.

No strangers to economical work processes ourselves, we’ve always been adamant that budget doesn’t mean boring. We’re trusted on this, and we regularly provide impeccably high standards of workspace strategies and workplace interior design to clients on very lean budgets.

Constant Connectivity

Located in the heart of the west end with access to 5 tube lines

completely green coloured booth seating area
foosball table facing large wall to ceiling window overlooking Oxford St