Boardroom with chairs in a circular arrangement and a large cinema-style screen

Sony PlayStation European HQ

Rigid to Flex

London, UK
Interior Design, Workplace
Digital Entertainment
85,000 SQ. FT.
Sony PlayStation HQ reception with lounge chairs and turnstiles

No boardrooms

PS4 appointed PENSON to don a pair of Virtual Reality goggles to peer into its immediate and long-term future; redesigning Sony PlayStation’s workplace design strategy and experience at its European HQ in London. With a big brand idea at its core, the new HQ will drive business forward, in a world of game-players of all shapes and sizes.

Cafe & atrium space with a gaming pod in the centre
iconCentral Cafe & Gaming Pod
Sony PlayStation HQ cafe with booths, circular tables and eclectic artwork
iconCo-working Cafe
Meeting room with green walls, a central table and chairs and monkey lights suspended from the ceiling
iconMeeting Pod

As a leading global gaming brand, Sony PlayStation always plays the field right by connecting gamers to each other and to its brand. Now it’s Sony’s turn to play the field right in the workplace interior design world.

We quickly tasked ourselves with creating the ‘big idea’ – a design concept that connects Sony PlayStation’s brand image to the space – adding brand enhancement and putting play, people and wellbeing at the forefront of the office agenda. Every floor takes inspiration from the gaming world - interchangeable flexi spaces, gaming pods - plus no board rooms.